Day 40: I’ll Take the Master


I met a lovely family while showing a home in Northeast Fresno. Having outgrown their current home, they wanted to see this super cute house on Muncie, thinking it would perfectly fit their needs. I did not know these folks prior to showing them this house, so my plan was to build rapport to the best of my ability in hopes that they would choose me to represent them as their Realtor.


“Come see this Mediterranean designed home. The open floor plan is great for entertaining and will wow your guests. We have completely updated this home with granite counters, distressed brass, marble, travertine, engineered wood floors, a new spa tub with fireplace, and much more. The backyard is a tropical oasis, with relaxing waterfall and an in-ground pool. This property has it all for the buyer looking for the Northeast Fresno experience.”

Luckily for me, I discovered that they are an Armenian family! Instant connection in most cases. I, too am Armenian, if you didn’t already know. I stuck the Hye card in my back pocket ready to play it at the right moment. When we arrived at the house and my clients exited their car, I saw that they had with them the most adorable baby girl! I think she was around 5-6 months old. I LOVE BABIES! Double score for me.

It turns out that this family planned to combine three generations under the same roof, which is why they needed to upgrade their home. When all is said and done, living in the home will be three adults and three children, comprised of a mother, her son and his two children, and her daughter with her baby girl. They wanted a house that would not only have enough bedrooms to accommodate all three generations but also enough separation in living areas to allow for some privacy within each family unit.

I hung back taking pictures for my blog while the family looked around. I didn’t hear everything they discussed, but the major theme of their conversation revolved around bedroom size. Since each family unit would essentially be contained in a bedroom, with the living room and kitchen as common space, the daughter was very concerned that the bedrooms were too small. My favorite comment from her was “Well, I really think I will want the master.” Oh, the look on mom’s face… It was loud and clear without a word uttered that there was no way on Earth anyone other than the grand matriarch of the family would be getting the master! Sorry, dear daughter, not gonna happen. Good try, though!!

I chatted with mom a bit while son and daughter wandered around and measured rooms. We talked about being Armenian (I’m telling you, it comes in handy!), about babies, about how lovely this house would be to host their extended family at Christmas. She is a delightful woman! Time will tell if mom and daughter can figure out who gets the master, or if we go back to the drawing board on house hunting. There are certainly houses out there with dual master suites!




Day 38: Million Dollar Baby

A million bucks


What would you do if you had a million bucks to spend on a house? Move to San Francisco where you can get yourself a charming 900sqft apartment? Move to SoCal where you would have to be in the suburbs to even find a townhouse for that price?

I know what I would do…find a McMansion right here in Fresno County and live the high life in a budget-friendly paradise. Yes, I actually do consider my hometown to be a paradise. All cities have their shortcomings. ALL OF THEM! But where else will you combine some of the most majestic mountain ranges, close proximity to adorable beach towns, rich agriculture that feeds the world, and reasonable living expenses? No where. Fresno is it.


One million dollars buys the most amazing houses around here. I had the privilege of attending an open house at a North East Fresno mini-mansion and let me tell you, it was breathtaking. I wanted nothing more than to grab a cocktail and lounge in the backyard while listening to the relaxing sound of the waterfall flowing into the pool. Money may not buy happiness, but if money can buy this oasis, it’s darn close.


Let’s take an even more intimate look!

With housing prices all across California skyrocketing and the median price to purchase in San Jose and other metro areas at over $1 million, even middle-high income earners are being priced out of those markets. Even rents are too high for comfort in many areas. For the same price or less, California residents can have this kind of luxury with ease. If that doesn’t convince people to try FresYes, I don’t know what will!



Day 37: Gaining Steam!

So, guess what! Remember that adorable country house I blogged about back on Day 2?

I just listed it!

Yep, this girl is gaining steam in the business with a listing of her own!

Real estate photos courtesy of Rees Photography


It truly doesn’t get better than this, folks. This house is ah-mazing, with a recently updated gourmet kitchen and unique touches that give it a mid-century modern meets Craftsman feel that you simply won’t find elsewhere!

It’s an understatement to say this is a gem in Easton. I can’t wait to find buyers for this house! If you or anyone you know has the dream of experiencing rural living in a luxury setting, please contact me!


I can’t even follow this up with a house tour. Next house will get a post of its own!

Cheers, my friends!



Day 36: A Mural to Remember

What do you get when you cross a real estate blogger with an open house hosted by an unfamiliar agent? A very awkward experience.


I really wanted to get some good footage of this house.  I had been watching it on MLS for a while and was delighted when an open house came up. I naively believed that it would be simple for me to just go to the open house, take a look around, snap a few pics and a bit o’video and call it a day. Well, every new encounter is a learning experience at this stage of the game and what I discovered is that some real estate agents follow open house visitors around as they tour the house…even when said visitors have identified themselves as realtors. Like I said, awkward.


Regardless, I did manage to get a feel for this house and put together a fine little mini-movie to give all my faithful readers a tour. The flooring in this house is really spectacular. I love the combination of wood and tile in the great room. The granite kitchen countertops nicely coordinate with the floor as well. From a design perspective, this house has a lot to offer. The current owner clearly has an affinity for sage green…nearly the entire interior in painted that color. It is a very soothing color, but may alienate prospective buyers as painting those extra tall walls could be a daunting task if green isn’t your thing.

The ground floor layout is quite functional and pleasing. There is a bonus room/den off the front entry, which leads into the gourmet kitchen and breakfast nook. No separating walls between the kitchen and living room allow for a lovely great room with a very open feel. It would be excellent for entertaining. A downstairs bedroom and bathroom could easily be an office setup or mother in law suite for a multi-gen family.

Heading up the stairs, you will find a very interesting waterfall mural painted at the top landing. I suppose it pairs nicely with the green walls for an earthy, nature motif. But again, it may be a turnoff for potential buyers who like the floorplan, but are neither thrilled with the decor nor up to the task of repainting. The rest of the second floor is quite nice with a spacious loft overlooking the living room, a decent sized master suite, and standard secondary bedrooms.


The backyard is lovely wth a bridged creek and koi pond. Additionally, there is a lawn area and nice sized patio. I would probably go out on a limb to say that the landscape would likely appeal to families without young children as any open body of water could be a danger to little ones. Not at all a problem for kidless households, but the size of this house presents as more likely a home for large families.

There is a lot of good in this property. Given that this house has been listed for quite a while, whether its price, decor or something else, the  market seems to be sending a clear message that something isn’t quite right here.

Take a look for yourself. I’d love to hear feedback. Every opinion and point of view will help me become more in-tune with buyers’ desires and also helps me coach sellers when prepping their homes for listing. Thanks for watching and reading!



Day 35: Cozy as a cottage

Do you know what today is?

If you guessed that it’s Thirsty Thursday, you might be partially right. The truth of the matter is that today is the Autumnal Equinox. For those of you non-earthy types out there, that means that this morning at approximately 10:00am PDT, fall began. It’s fitting that we had some lovely weather on this joyous day. It may be a tad on the warm side still, but as I write this there is a lovely breeze coming in through my bedroom window. If only I could smell wood burning fireplaces and hear the pitter patter of rain drops to round out the changing season. Autumn bliss.

As we know, Fresno doesn’t see much change in the seasons. On the calendar, it technically lasts for three months. In reality, we only get a few weeks of mild weather before the fog rolls in. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. Soon the holiday season will consume most of us with abundant shopping, baking, planning, and working long hours to pay for it all! After months of smothering heat and bad air, I hope you find a smidge of joy in the fleeting Central Valley autumn season .


Today’s house is a cozy Clovis charmer. Located near Sierra & Villa, it’s tucked away on a clean and quiet street and would be a perfect house for small family or investor. This 1955 cottage has the look and feel of the ever popular mid-century modern style, but with modern touches throughout, including a brand new roof! The kitchen has been nicely upgraded with new appliances and fixtures. The bathrooms have updated as well. It’s larger than one would expect for the price point and even has a man-cave worthy shed in the backyard!


“Updated kitchen and baths, newer flooring, paint, re-dash exterior, roof installed 2016. Large family room with open floor plan to kitchen. Detached 280 sq. ft. building with 3/4 bath. Could be man cave, craft room or just storage.”


As you can see by the photograph of my hand, the ceilings are not very high at all. My reach is not much higher than 6′ and my fingertips could nearly graze the ceiling in the kitchen. People have clearly gotten taller in the last few decades. Well, everyone except for me, that is.

Features that I love include a sitting/living room with a fireplace right when you enter from the front door. It’s nice to enter the house into such a cozy space before approaching the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen. The backyard has decorator touches such as wrought iron railings and lantern-style light fixtures hanging from the covered patio. There is plenty of space in the backyard for kids to roam or a garden to grow. This house is a hidden gem. I hope it gets some love from a forever family soon.




Day 34: The sound of silence

Silence is golden. The endless chatter of our busy lives can be incredibly overwhelming at times. I dare anyone to dispute that. Kids, jobs, housework, personal care, exercise, hobbies…the list of responsibilities creating noise and havoc goes on and on. Sure, there are some enlightened ones out there who have discovered the key to balance and peace, but most of us are not those ones. Most of us stumble through our noise lives grabbing bits of relaxation whenever the opportunity arises; searching for silence.

What in the universe does this have to do with real estate? Well, for me it has everything to do with it.  The fact of the matter is that for the past two weeks the noise in my life has caused me to falter in my goal of daily blogging. I realize there are precious few of you, my dear readers, who are keeping such close tabs on me. I’m sure no one is wagging a finger to shame me for my neglect, wondering where my apology is hiding. But I keep pretty close tabs on myself and the apology owed is more to me than to my faithful followers (although you may also consider it yours).

Here’s the deal. I have over a week’s worth of houses ready to go to be written up and shown to the world. The problem is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done! My children: the light of my life, the cherry on my sundae, the creamer in my coffee, the butter on my baked potato…those two adorable little boys started soccer season.

I’m sure most parents understand the significance of this. Soccer is a wonderful skill and confidence building sport that SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF FAMILIES. Two practices per week times two kids and games at two different schools every Saturday, nevermind FIVE games for seeding weekend. When, WHEN can there possibly be time for anything else? Ugh. So, I let myself get sucked up into the chaos of soccer and something had to give. I had to find a few moments of silence to preserve my sanity. Unfortunately, the blog is what ended up on the cutting block in order to make that happen. But no more! I’m back. Just cut me some slack every now and then during the next eight weeks of soccer insanity.

I still have 11 months to go on this journey. There is plenty of time for me to catch up. Mark my words…this soccer mom / Realtor WILL succeed in seeing 365 houses in 365 days. I’ll get on it right after tonight’s soccer practice :/


Preview of coming attractions:

A cozy Clovis cottage

An impressive bird mural

A Northwest Fresno single story house with a pool

My first listing (whaaaaaat???)

And many more

Cheers for now!



Day 33: I’ll see you on the creek side

Today’s tour is another home in Quail Lake. I’m trying to provide a lot of diversity in the types of homes I write about, but some days it’s just crazy hard to get to one that’s any further than a half a mile from my own home, which means Quail is my default on those time crunch days. The beauty of today’s house is that, although is is in Quail Lake, it is in a section of the community that many people don’t even know exists!

The Quail Lake community is divided into many small sub-neighborhoods and they all have names. There is Meadowside, which is very close to the park with a playground; Mountain View, which has a spectacular view of the Sequoias; The Cove, which is a secluded nook with a private waterway, and several more. The neighborhood where today’s house is located is named Creekside.  It’s a section that has it’s own entrance gate and is only accessible from the interior of the community via a charming foot bridge.



“Immaculate Home in The Quail Lakes Community is move in ready. As you arrive you will find a spacious corner lot, beautiful landscaping with perfectly matching stacked stone that compliment the exterior stucco inviting colors. You will be delighted by the open floor plan living area with high ceilings, cozy fireplace & tons of windows that let the natural sunshine in. Kitchen overlooking the living area complete with granite island, beautiful cabinets, custom tile back splash and matching appliances including refrigerator. Down the hallway you have 2 bedrooms, 1 full bath & indoor laundry room. The master bedroom has a huge walk in closet and a over sized master bath with separate tub and shower. You can open up the french doors and enjoy the fresh air from the backyard and mature landscaping. All windows and doors have custom fitted plantation shutters. Full access to Quail Amenities and best of all is the 24 hour on site security”

This adorable 3/2 house is nearly 2000 sf and looks brand new. It is situated on a generous sized corner lot that looks out onto the bridge and pathway to the main gate section of the community. Walking in, I was amazed at how clean it is! From the cream colored carpets and walls to the immaculate kitchen and bathroom fixtures, if I didn’t know better I would think this house had never been lived in. The spacious and open great room area makes the house feel much bigger than it actually is. The large master bedroom has adorable, shuttered French doors that open out to the beautifully, yet simply, landscaped backyard.

Being the kitchen fanatic that I am, of course I noticed the stylish granite countertop on the massive island.  A whole lot of food prep or party mingling can happen in that kitchen!



This house is definitely a winner. Not many homes for sale in Quail Lake are in the sub-$350k  price point, so when one comes around and it’s in as great shape as this one, it won’t be available for long. Sure enough, between the time that I toured this house at 9am and when I got to the office at 10:30, it sold! Incredible. So, dear friends, this gem is no longer available. If Quail Lake is where you’d like to call home, let me know!   I’ll be happy to keep my eyes peeled for more great opportunities.



Day 32: Christmas in September

van ness Collage3.jpg

Anyone who has lived in Fresno for a stretch of time has probably been to Christmas Tree Lane. Am I right? It’s grown since I was a kid, but so much has remained the same and even gotten better! I now love taking my own kids on a drive down Van Ness when it’s all gussied up for the holidays. The thing about old Van Ness is that it’s a beautiful street all year long. I remember cruising down the lane as a kid and wishing with all my might that I could someday live in one of those grand houses that looked like mansions to my young eyes. Oh, what a fairytale it would be to call that street home.

Well, my wish has not come true (yet), but I did get as close as about two blocks away while living at home with my mom as a teenager. In those days, traffic during the holiday season was still two-way for the entire length of Van Ness and cross streets were still open to turn off at any time, so I would often detour onto the winter wonderland for a couple of blocks on my way to or from my house just to soak up the beauty of the season. What are some of your favorite memories from Christmas Tree Lane?


From time to time homes on Van Ness hit the market and I just got lucky to find one that is vacant and available to tour.

Insert an absurd amount of excitement here!!!

“Wonderful Old Fig family home on Christmas Tree Lane! The location is prime,on a corner lot on Fairmont and Van Ness,for easy access during Christmas. This home has been extensively updated throughout, but still maintains the classical charm of the neighborhood. There are several windows in the home offering great natural light,and lots of storage. The kitchen features granite,upgraded cabinets,a gas burner stove,a sub zero refrigerator,and a nook area. Off of the kitchen is a formal dining room, family room,and a living room off of the entry. The master suite has two closets,and a balcony overlooking the backyard. There is a large room upstairs that has its own private stairway and entrance, that would be perfect for an office,game room,media room,or mother in law suite. This room also has its own bathroom with shower, laundry hookups, bar sink,and stove! There is a basement that could make a great potential wine cellar.”

This house is about half a block from where Van Ness lets out onto Palm, just before Shaw, in other words, just past Santa. I was in heaven while walking through the house. I have a major soft spot for homes built in the early to mid 1900’s and this one squeaked in at the mid-point, built in 1950. There is so much charm in these older homes that you just won’t find in newer tract home developments. This one did not disappoint one bit! There was so much to see and talk about here that my video is more of a short film this time.

(Pardon the shaky video, I was having some technical difficulties with both my iPhone and DSLR cameras.)

I hope you enjoyed this. Please share it with anyone you know who might like to see this beautiful house.  I would love to help a lucky family make this their new home!



Day 31: A Hidden Gem

When you hear the name FresYes, what comes to mind?

  • Downtown revitalization?
  • The majestic mountains surrounding us?
  • Our top notch university?
  • The incredible artistic talent that resides here?

All of those things are a part of what makes Fresno and Clovis special, but they are also incredibly visible. What about the things that aren’t so obvious?

One of my favorite aspects of this blog is that I have discovered parts of Fresno and Clovis that I never knew existed. I’ve lived here four decades, so I truly didn’t think there were any stones left unturned, but I’ve been proven wrong time and time again. Granted, Clovis was never my native stomping ground growing up, but still. After all these years, I truly thought that I knew my way around here pretty well.

One such pleasant surprise is a neighborhood tucked away near Gettysburg and Temperance. I have never given this part of Clovis much thought. I know that new homes are being built near there, but what I did not know is that there is a pocket of beautiful homes on large lots, complete with mature landscaping and unique design. The homes in this neighborhood are 10-15 years old, but with the huge lots and established foliage, it feels more like a mature neighborhood than new tract home community.


“Beautiful 2 story home on very large lot in quiet neighborhood on Cul Du Sac. Built in 2006 the home has 4064 Sq ft. Room off entry way can be an office or bedroom. 3 more bedrooms upstairs. Master has large additional space attached. Granite counters in Kitchen and Masterbath. Open game room upstairs. 18,126sq ft.lot. Room to do anything. Master could be split to make 5th bedroom.”


The house I toured is a two story, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 4000 sq ft wonder! The bottom story has beautiful tile floors with custom detailing, a granite fireplace, and a very modern kitchen with backsplash to match the floor tile. In addition to the kitchen and enormous pantry, the lower level has a living room, formal dining room, and another space that could be a second living room, game room, isolated bedroom, or office.

Going up to the second floor, you will find three bedrooms and a master suite that is worthy of royalty. The main section of the room is an oversized bedroom with a fireplace, walk-in closet large enough to be a bedroom, and a luxurious bathroom. The bedroom has an extension that is very nearly the same size as the main room. I imagine this area could be set up as a lounge or reading nook.  It could easily even be partitioned off into an additional bedroom. Hands down, my favorite part of the second floor…the laundry room. It’s a standard laundry room with some counter space and a sink, but it’s ON THE TOP FLOOR! Why, oh why don’t more builders consider the pain of lugging laundry up and down stairs? Such a simple luxury.

The backyard is expansive and looks like a neighborhood park with mature trees. There is also a side yard that is fenced off which could a perfect area to construct an in-ground swimming pool, or add a basketball or tennis court.  I had my son with me when I toured this house and he went nuts over that yard.

Thanks so much for following me! I hope you have been enjoying this blog.  If so, please consider sharing my Facebook page with your friends and family.  My business grows through referrals, so any mentions are so greatly appreciated!



Day 30: Go Tiny or Go Home

We sure do like big things in this country, don’t we?

Big cars.

Big houses.

Big macs…

But, hidden among the bigness that spans our nation as far as the eye can see, there is a growing movement toward tinyTiny houses to be exact. They are multiplying like rabbits all across the nation. What could be the motivation behind this movement that seems to be so counter-intuitive in the land of Super Size Me?

This infographic, taken from, does a great job of explaining it.


From financial freedom to an escape from materialism, there are many draws to the tiny house lifestyle. Guess which city just happens to be the first in the nation to approve tiny homes on wheels as permanent residences?

Go on…take a guess. That’s right, FRESNO!

Well, folks, it looks like this movement is legit. And right here in our fair city is the leading west coast manufacturer of tiny homes, California Tiny House. Owned and operated by a father-son duo, Pat and Nick Mosely, California Tiny House custom builds your tiny dream house on wheels. You can park it in your own backyard and rent out your main house. You can buy some land on the outskirts and live in nature. You can travel across the country, staying in RV parks along your route. The road is your oyster in one of these babies. Like a turtle…wherever you go, your house goes with you.

I had the good fortune to tour the California Tiny House facility just this morning, and what a treat it was to actually walk around in tiny houses just like the ones you see on television shows such as FYI’s Tiny House Nation and HGTV’s Tiny House Builders. It was so cool! Pat and Nick gave a fact-filled presentation about all the awesome features of the tiny houses they build. They can pretty much do anything, as long as the design adheres to ANSI RV standards for safety. So, basically, you can contact these guys, tell them your dream tiny house features and they build it! Each build is entirely unique and customized to the customer’s wishes.

Photo Source: California Tiny House Build Photos


Hey! I know that guy



Photo Source:  Taken on-site by me at California Tiny House

Though tiny houses can vary in size, these mobile houses come in three size options:

8’6″ X 18′ (10,000lb trailer)  Starting price – $19.5 K  

8’6″ X 20’ (10,000lb trailer)  Starting price – $ 21.5 K 

¹8’6” X 24’ (12-14,000lb trailer with dropped axles)  Starting price – $ 28 K ¹

Pat and Nick said their most expensive build to date was just over $100k, but most average tiny houses cost $65k-$75k. There really is no upper limt to how incredible these houses can be. The price goes up from base on cost of materials and complexity of the build. The houses I saw today were two bedroom, one bathroom, with kitchenette and laundry. Every square inch is turned into usable space. Even the kitchen sink doubles as extra counter surface with the removable cutting board made to fit right over the basin! Isn’t it amazing to consider how much you can actually squeeze into ~300 sf when you put your mind to it? There are so many cool features to these houses that I could easily write another 1000 words on the topic. I will suggest, instead, visiting the California Tiny House website, Facebook, or Instagram to learn more.  I bet you could even get Nick or Pat on the phone to personally answer your questions as well!

I’d would love feedback. Talk to me about tiny houses. Could you live in one?