The average house in Fresno County is 1,700 square feet. I will tour one new home every day for a year. Watch me!

I’ve started a new career and I refuse to be the newbie who doesn’t know as much as the pros, so I’m hitting the pavement to learn all there is to learn about Fresno County real estate.  To accomplish that goal, I’m going to view one house on the market…for one year.  That’s 620,500 square feet of real estate in 365 days.  I’ll take pictures, maybe record a video here and there, and write a bit about my experiences.  I’m putting it all here to keep myself accountable.

The houses you will see featured in most of my posts will not be my own listings. I am touring any and all houses I can get my eyes on with the hope that it will help me hone my ability to identify styles, features, and builders at a glance.  I hope that most of what I’ll see is pretty, but some of it may not be.  I’m an honest person and I fully intend to extend my honesty to my observations over the next 365 days.  If it’s funny…we’ll laugh.  If it’s ugly…we’ll cringe.  If it’s stunning…we’ll be awestruck. Never cruel, always real.  Join me for the ride!