Day 38: Million Dollar Baby

A million bucks


What would you do if you had a million bucks to spend on a house? Move to San Francisco where you can get yourself a charming 900sqft apartment? Move to SoCal where you would have to be in the suburbs to even find a townhouse for that price?

I know what I would do…find a McMansion right here in Fresno County and live the high life in a budget-friendly paradise. Yes, I actually do consider my hometown to be a paradise. All cities have their shortcomings. ALL OF THEM! But where else will you combine some of the most majestic mountain ranges, close proximity to adorable beach towns, rich agriculture that feeds the world, and reasonable living expenses? No where. Fresno is it.


One million dollars buys the most amazing houses around here. I had the privilege of attending an open house at a North East Fresno mini-mansion and let me tell you, it was breathtaking. I wanted nothing more than to grab a cocktail and lounge in the backyard while listening to the relaxing sound of the waterfall flowing into the pool. Money may not buy happiness, but if money can buy this oasis, it’s darn close.


Let’s take an even more intimate look!

With housing prices all across California skyrocketing and the median price to purchase in San Jose and other metro areas at over $1 million, even middle-high income earners are being priced out of those markets. Even rents are too high for comfort in many areas. For the same price or less, California residents can have this kind of luxury with ease. If that doesn’t convince people to try FresYes, I don’t know what will!