Day 35: Cozy as a cottage

Do you know what today is?

If you guessed that it’s Thirsty Thursday, you might be partially right. The truth of the matter is that today is the Autumnal Equinox. For those of you non-earthy types out there, that means that this morning at approximately 10:00am PDT, fall began. It’s fitting that we had some lovely weather on this joyous day. It may be a tad on the warm side still, but as I write this there is a lovely breeze coming in through my bedroom window. If only I could smell wood burning fireplaces and hear the pitter patter of rain drops to round out the changing season. Autumn bliss.

As we know, Fresno doesn’t see much change in the seasons. On the calendar, it technically lasts for three months. In reality, we only get a few weeks of mild weather before the fog rolls in. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. Soon the holiday season will consume most of us with abundant shopping, baking, planning, and working long hours to pay for it all! After months of smothering heat and bad air, I hope you find a smidge of joy in the fleeting Central Valley autumn season .


Today’s house is a cozy Clovis charmer. Located near Sierra & Villa, it’s tucked away on a clean and quiet street and would be a perfect house for small family or investor. This 1955 cottage has the look and feel of the ever popular mid-century modern style, but with modern touches throughout, including a brand new roof! The kitchen has been nicely upgraded with new appliances and fixtures. The bathrooms have updated as well. It’s larger than one would expect for the price point and even has a man-cave worthy shed in the backyard!


“Updated kitchen and baths, newer flooring, paint, re-dash exterior, roof installed 2016. Large family room with open floor plan to kitchen. Detached 280 sq. ft. building with 3/4 bath. Could be man cave, craft room or just storage.”


As you can see by the photograph of my hand, the ceilings are not very high at all. My reach is not much higher than 6′ and my fingertips could nearly graze the ceiling in the kitchen. People have clearly gotten taller in the last few decades. Well, everyone except for me, that is.

Features that I love include a sitting/living room with a fireplace right when you enter from the front door. It’s nice to enter the house into such a cozy space before approaching the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen. The backyard has decorator touches such as wrought iron railings and lantern-style light fixtures hanging from the covered patio. There is plenty of space in the backyard for kids to roam or a garden to grow. This house is a hidden gem. I hope it gets some love from a forever family soon.