Day 34: The sound of silence

Silence is golden. The endless chatter of our busy lives can be incredibly overwhelming at times. I dare anyone to dispute that. Kids, jobs, housework, personal care, exercise, hobbies…the list of responsibilities creating noise and havoc goes on and on. Sure, there are some enlightened ones out there who have discovered the key to balance and peace, but most of us are not those ones. Most of us stumble through our noise lives grabbing bits of relaxation whenever the opportunity arises; searching for silence.

What in the universe does this have to do with real estate? Well, for me it has everything to do with it.  The fact of the matter is that for the past two weeks the noise in my life has caused me to falter in my goal of daily blogging. I realize there are precious few of you, my dear readers, who are keeping such close tabs on me. I’m sure no one is wagging a finger to shame me for my neglect, wondering where my apology is hiding. But I keep pretty close tabs on myself and the apology owed is more to me than to my faithful followers (although you may also consider it yours).

Here’s the deal. I have over a week’s worth of houses ready to go to be written up and shown to the world. The problem is that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it done! My children: the light of my life, the cherry on my sundae, the creamer in my coffee, the butter on my baked potato…those two adorable little boys started soccer season.

I’m sure most parents understand the significance of this. Soccer is a wonderful skill and confidence building sport that SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF FAMILIES. Two practices per week times two kids and games at two different schools every Saturday, nevermind FIVE games for seeding weekend. When, WHEN can there possibly be time for anything else? Ugh. So, I let myself get sucked up into the chaos of soccer and something had to give. I had to find a few moments of silence to preserve my sanity. Unfortunately, the blog is what ended up on the cutting block in order to make that happen. But no more! I’m back. Just cut me some slack every now and then during the next eight weeks of soccer insanity.

I still have 11 months to go on this journey. There is plenty of time for me to catch up. Mark my words…this soccer mom / Realtor WILL succeed in seeing 365 houses in 365 days. I’ll get on it right after tonight’s soccer practice :/


Preview of coming attractions:

A cozy Clovis cottage

An impressive bird mural

A Northwest Fresno single story house with a pool

My first listing (whaaaaaat???)

And many more

Cheers for now!