Day 30: Go Tiny or Go Home

We sure do like big things in this country, don’t we?

Big cars.

Big houses.

Big macs…

But, hidden among the bigness that spans our nation as far as the eye can see, there is a growing movement toward tinyTiny houses to be exact. They are multiplying like rabbits all across the nation. What could be the motivation behind this movement that seems to be so counter-intuitive in the land of Super Size Me?

This infographic, taken from, does a great job of explaining it.


From financial freedom to an escape from materialism, there are many draws to the tiny house lifestyle. Guess which city just happens to be the first in the nation to approve tiny homes on wheels as permanent residences?

Go on…take a guess. That’s right, FRESNO!

Well, folks, it looks like this movement is legit. And right here in our fair city is the leading west coast manufacturer of tiny homes, California Tiny House. Owned and operated by a father-son duo, Pat and Nick Mosely, California Tiny House custom builds your tiny dream house on wheels. You can park it in your own backyard and rent out your main house. You can buy some land on the outskirts and live in nature. You can travel across the country, staying in RV parks along your route. The road is your oyster in one of these babies. Like a turtle…wherever you go, your house goes with you.

I had the good fortune to tour the California Tiny House facility just this morning, and what a treat it was to actually walk around in tiny houses just like the ones you see on television shows such as FYI’s Tiny House Nation and HGTV’s Tiny House Builders. It was so cool! Pat and Nick gave a fact-filled presentation about all the awesome features of the tiny houses they build. They can pretty much do anything, as long as the design adheres to ANSI RV standards for safety. So, basically, you can contact these guys, tell them your dream tiny house features and they build it! Each build is entirely unique and customized to the customer’s wishes.

Photo Source: California Tiny House Build Photos


Hey! I know that guy



Photo Source:  Taken on-site by me at California Tiny House

Though tiny houses can vary in size, these mobile houses come in three size options:

8’6″ X 18′ (10,000lb trailer)  Starting price – $19.5 K  

8’6″ X 20’ (10,000lb trailer)  Starting price – $ 21.5 K 

¹8’6” X 24’ (12-14,000lb trailer with dropped axles)  Starting price – $ 28 K ¹

Pat and Nick said their most expensive build to date was just over $100k, but most average tiny houses cost $65k-$75k. There really is no upper limt to how incredible these houses can be. The price goes up from base on cost of materials and complexity of the build. The houses I saw today were two bedroom, one bathroom, with kitchenette and laundry. Every square inch is turned into usable space. Even the kitchen sink doubles as extra counter surface with the removable cutting board made to fit right over the basin! Isn’t it amazing to consider how much you can actually squeeze into ~300 sf when you put your mind to it? There are so many cool features to these houses that I could easily write another 1000 words on the topic. I will suggest, instead, visiting the California Tiny House website, Facebook, or Instagram to learn more.  I bet you could even get Nick or Pat on the phone to personally answer your questions as well!

I’d would love feedback. Talk to me about tiny houses. Could you live in one?