Day 10: Confession

I did not see a house today. I barely left my own house today. Let me tell you about my day, and then I’ll explain how I plan to remedy my faux pas.


School happened and it messed me up in a big way.

Today my children started school. Eldest boy entered second grade. Youngest started kindergarten (insert tears of simultaneous joy and fear).

Once I got the boys settled in their classrooms (they didn’t even beg me to stay!), I headed over to the MPR for the annual Boo Hoo/Yahoo breakfast and chatted with school folk and friends for a bit. My plan was to go back home, do a bit of work, watch the webinar I signed up for on mastering the art of Pinterest ads, and then head out for house touring.


I came home to two ominous-looking, legal-sized clasp envelopes each stuffed to the gils with paperwork the school asks for every.single.year.  Ok, I can do this and of course I’ll have time to go do my “market research” afterwards.  2:00pm comes along and am I done with those stinkin’ paper stacks?  Nope.  3:00pm…finally done!  It’s now two hours before I have to pick up the boys from after school care, dinner hasn’t even become a solid thought in my brain yet, and I still have eleventy-thousand loads of laundry to sort and put away.  And…AND…I’m on phone duty for FresYes today.  I didn’t get a single call for the entire day and then, right as I’m finishing up with the chores and think I may still have time to squeeze in a house, my phone starts blowing up.  Nope nope nope.

Plan B:  I’ll find a house closer to home and go check it out after dinner while the kids are decompressing before bedtime.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Nope again.  The kids are emotionally charged after their day of firsts and need to go to bed early to avoid sassing their way into permanent grounding. So bedtime starts at 7:15pm instead of the usual 8:00pm. I can still go out later, right? Kids fall asleep at about 7:45pm, I spend a little time looking for nearby vacant houses to tour, and now it’s 9:00pm. Oh hell…this isn’t happening. Not a chance.

Plan C:  New rule – I will give myself (1) ONE cheat day per month, for a total of twelve potential cheat days over the 12 months of this project. But you’re not even two weeks in, you say? I don’t care. Today is NOT happening for me. Oh, I’ll still hit my goal. I will tour two houses tomorrow and blog both of them. Going forward, that’s the plan. When I use my monthly cheat, I commit to blogging once the day of the cheat to tell y’all why it’s a cheat. Then I’ll tour two houses and blog twice the next day as my penance. Deal?  Thanks.

Just for a bit-o-fun…chew on this:

Bar hop on Fresno Pedal Company’s Tiki-themed party bike