Day 9: Minor Rant

So, I tried a little something new yesterday.  In case you missed all the awesome…I made a video.  Of myself.  Bwahahaha!  I guess it was pretty good because I got lots and lots and lots of comments saying it was all the awesome.  Or…nobody has ever seen me in a video before and it was just a novel break from my writing.  Either way, it’s all good.

Some of the feedback I’ve received from my uber-supportive friends and family is that I should be more conscientious about not passing judgment on what I see as I do my 365 day tour. I’m straddling the fence on this. On the one hand, I can see why I should maintain exceptional political correctness and adhere to say nothing if you can’t say anything nice. But on the other hand, I’m not selling these houses. If one of you, my valuable readers, wants me to represent them as a buying agent based on one of these posts…GREAT! That’s totally peachy and I’ll take every bit of business I can drum up right now. But does that mean I’m not supposed to make honest observations, both good and bad? I started this blog for the purpose of dissecting 365 houses and learn everything I possibly can about local real estate. IMHO, that affords me some latitude in making honest judgments about what I come across each day. Be it large stuffed pheasants, outdated fixtures, or appliances from the 1970′s, I think I’m gonna talk about it.

I welcome some debate on the topic

So…on the the house of the day.

“Clean and ready! With five bedrooms and three bathrooms. Three bedrooms(including the master) and two bathrooms are upstairs. Downstairs there are two more bedrooms, and a full bathroom with a door to the back yard. Also on the main floor are the laundry room, living room, dining room, dinette area, and kitchen with a breakfast bar. A 3-car garage completes the picture. Located down the street from Figarden Elem. and in the Tenaya Middle School and Bullard High attendance areas, this home has it all; and it is priced to sell!”